I Tested And Ranked The Best Adjustable Laptop Stand In 2024

If you require a laptop stand with the facility to adjust the height based on your requirements, I’ve rounded up the best options for you. Take a look at my ranking for the best adjustable laptop stand.

Please be advised that the prices and ratings provided are accurate as of the time of writing.

1. RockJam Portable DJ Laptop Stand With Adjustable Height

Top-rated: 3,578 ratings

RockJam Portable DJ Laptop Stand With Adjustable Height

Credit: Amazon.com

Informative Review: “I don’t travel with this- just making sure I preface with that.

I bought this because I wanted a laptop stand for my desk with a very high rise to get my screen at eye level.

I have experience in AV, so was familiar with this style of stand- I chose this one over the similar Pyle model because my experience with pyle is hit-or-miss.

It’s fantastic! very sturdy, good build quality, and size and configurations are awesome. Great packaging with closed cell foam, NOT STYROFOAM make it really easy to incorporate this into your tech kit or any other flight case.

thick gauge steel has me convinced this is definitely a roadworthy piece of kit.

My only marks for it are:

  • On assembly, one of the width extensions had a really bad thread. I was able to work through it, but it was a bit of a pain verging on considering a return. It had either got shot with paint or was not deburred.
  • You get one set of little non-slip foam stickers. one. So either use it on the bottom “feet” or put them where the laptop goes if yours doesn’t have rubber feet where the supports lie. but only one or the other. I ended up using some spare adhesive-backed foam for speaker grill surrounds and it works great, just keep it in mind if you laptop’s bottom is smooth.” – Aaron G.

Another Helpful Review: “Sturdy, Lightweight, and User-Friendly – A Good Pick for DJs!

The RockJam Portable DJ Laptop Stand was a breeze to set up, thanks to its clear and concise instructions. It’s sturdy, holding up well under the weight of my DJ controller, yet it’s light enough to transport without any hassle.

While I’m pleased with its overall functionality and design, a dedicated spot for a light would have been a great addition for those night-time gigs. It’s a solid choice for anyone in need of a reliable stand for laptops, especially for DJs on the go!” – Aaron

One More Review: “When the package arrived, it was heavier than I was expecting. Most Laptop stands like these come with a nylon holding bag.

They also collapse fairly easily, but if you’re looking for a collapsible laptop stand, this one is NOT it.

I personally only need to use this at home and maybe one other place, so I don’t mind taking the unit anywhere assembled as is, but if you are looking for something mobile and quick, look elsewhere.

The reason the package was so heavy was because all of the pieces come disassembled in the box. You have to figure out your height, figure out if you want to use the bottom mounts or not, and then figure out what to do with the spare parts when you’re done.

It does what it’s supposed to, which is hold my laptop and give me space underneath the computer to have additional workspace.

But I can’t collapse it, it doesn’t come with a carrying bag, and you are left trying to assemble this thing on your dining room table.


  • Sturdy
  • Cheap
  • Easy to Assemble


  • I had to assemble it
  • Cannot collapse
  • Not mobile”

Gabriel V.

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2. Pyle Portable Dual Laptop Stand – Standing Table with Adjustable Height, Ergonomic Design & Anti-Slip Prongs for DJ Mixer, Sound Equipment, Workstation, Gaming & Home Use

Top-rated: 2,277 ratings

Pyle Portable Dual Laptop Stand

Credit: Amazon.com

Informative Review: “This is a solidly built little stand here. NOTE: I modified this device so I could (A) widen it and (B) shorten the height so that I could stack a Korg MS2000 synthesizer behind my other synth.

To widen the unit I went from 3 to 2 cross bars and took parts from the 3rd to lengthen the other 2. To shorten the height I used a grinder to cut through the 4 pieces from the kit I used.

As you can see in the photos it firmly holds up a 21 lb synthesizer and I trust it enough to put it right next to a brand new Hydrasynth. I originally had it pulled further forward and above the Hydrasynth, but this arrangement was messing with my mixing environment, so I decided to take out the grinder and shorten it.

If it did not mess with my mixing environment, I would have been happy to leave it taller and partially pulled over the bottom synthesizer.

I searched long and hard to find something on Amazon that would pull off the desired synth stacking shown in the photos and this was the only thing I could find that fit the bill. It’s for sure sturdy enough for the task at hand.

Trust me, it took some doing to grind through and make the cuts needed for my setup. The manufacturer would be wise to include a few extra cross bar pieces with the unit to accommodate wider setups.

I promise them others are out there looking for a way to stack their synths on a desktop like I have. The only con is 1 washer was missing, but no big deal I have a jar of washers in the garage, so I just grabbed one from there.” – Thomas Black

Another Helpful Review: “This product was perfect to raise my controller and laptop to a level that relieved a lot of the strain that comes from looking down at controllers/any gadget for long periods of time. This, alone, makes it a worthwhile product.

Assembly could have been easier. Can we get a “pop and lock” version

This product is sturdy and does hold the weight as described. I used the box underneath for extra security. If you have something like a Rev-7, you might have to put brackets on the bottom to keep it from tipping over etc.

Portability? Yes if you have a very light weight controller. I won’t take it with me. I wish I could, but I would have to take a brace and lock it down etc. More work.

SUGGESTION: Make a popnlock version that will hold up to 75 lbs and we all win.
This is great for at home.” – Garnette J. Grasty

One More Review: “I am pretty picky about the items I buy. I want a good deal, but I don’t want junk. I was on the fence about this stand because of the mixed reviews, but I could not find another stand that held the controller and laptop at the same time.

I took a chance and it arrived yesterday. It’s not the easiest thing to assemble, but it’s not hard.

A few suggestions to those thinking about this item. Don’t use the cheap rubber washers that come with the screws. Because they are rubber, this may lead to reports that the unit is wobbly.

Instead, go to the hardware store and buy some small metal washers and use those everywhere it tells you to use the rubber ones.

Also, before you assemble, check your laptop size. If you have a large laptop, you will want to make the top brackets further apart. The small bars can be unscrewed into 2 pieces, allowing you to create a wider spread.

It will stabilize your laptop. They can be hard to unscrew, so you may need a couple pair of pliers. Try to use something to prevent scratches when doing so. You also get a couple extra pads in the kit.

I used three on each foot, and two on each rack up top. Then I used the last two to pad the front lips of the racks that hold the controller and laptop.

Cut the round shape with scissors, or trim them with an exacto knife.

All in all, I’m happy with it and the price. Some say it’s not portable-friendly, but I’ll just stick it in the car with me. I rate this as a buy.” – Scott M.

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3. Slendor Laptop Desk Adjustable Laptop Stand Foldable Bed Table Portable Lap Desk Folding Notebook Stand Reading and Writing Holder Breakfast Tray with Drawer and Cooling Fan for Couch Sofa Floor

Slendor Laptop Desk Adjustable Laptop Stand

Top-rated: 701 ratings

Credit: Amazon.com

Informative Review: “I finally found a desk that I can use for my diamond painting. I have tried several desks for my diamond painting and could not find what I was looking for.

Then I saw this and it was not to pricey. It has a tilt so you can adjust it to make it easier to use. Has different settings for the legs different height.

Or you can completely close the legs and sit it on your lap. It has a fan on it for your computer which I love because I use my Chromebook on it.

It also cools my sketch lighter tables for my diamond painting.

Cause I can sit for hours and do my craft it is nice to use in the bed and I usually sit in the floor and do my craft.

I find it a little bit hard to use in my recliner it’s a little big for it.

But I still can use it there. I have got a lot of compliments on it and how easy it is to use.

I definitely recommend this product to anyone that needs a cooling system for their computers.” – Wiskers16

Another Helpful Review: “For the price, I can stand the wobbliness, so I really should not complain.

It has been great, I learned recently how much I love to sit on the ground to do things. My poor real desk has been left all alone.

The one thing, I was worried that I would be too fat to fit under, but I had nothing to fear. I have fat thighs as I am 260 pounds, but I have plenty of room.

Oh and the fan is PERFECT! My laptop has never been so happy before.

If you like to sit on the floor and you have a gaming laptop, then this is a must.” – Amazon Customer

One More Review: “I just got knee surgery and will be getting a fourth knee surgery, so I wanted something to do work while on the couch where my laptop wouldn’t be sitting on my legs.

My laptop (although newer) gets pretty hot on the bottom and so I love love love the fan feature.

I wish the fan was not so centered since my laptop gets hot at the back and not so much toward the center, but it still definitely helps and the fan is on the quieter side.

I didn’t think I’d use the side tray but have come to utilize it a lot with pens, highlighters and a few binder clips. The tray folds down nicely and I slide it under my couch when not in use.

The tilt is great and I haven’t had to adjust the height yet and feel it is already up high enough to begin with.

If anything, I wish I could lower it by 2 more inches but it is set as it was built.

All in all, I am happy with my purchase and highly suggest it for working from bed, the couch, a chair or even just to elevate your laptop during a meeting.” – Mopar5120

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4. SOQOOL Adjustable Laptop Stand for Desk, Portable Laptop Stand, Ventilated Aluminum Foldable Laptop Riser, Notebook Computer Ergonomic Laptop Holder for MacBook Pro Air/HP/Dell (10-16”) Silver

Top-rated: 247 ratings

Credit: Amazon.com

Informative Review: “I’ve been using another laptop stand provided by my employer for my work laptop and I decided I wanted to purchase a second laptop stand for a Macbook Air I just ordered for personal use.

This has allowed me to compare this laptop stand with a competitor’s stand that costs about twice as much as this one (at the time I wrote this review).

I am very happy with this laptop stand. It is a simple, yet reasonably sturdy stand. I like the fact that the horizontal cross brace is fastened to the ‘u-braces’ that hold the laptop.

All 3 of the pieces included in the kit are, as far as I can tell, made of aluminum. The whole kit feels pretty solid.

Assembly was quick and simple and the kit comes with the screws (with hex head) and the hex key (allen wrench) needed to assemble the stand.

Once assembled, I put my work Macbook Pro (15″) on the stand and I found the fit to be perfect; there is a bit of room at the back part of the stand, so the laptop feels very secure once on the stand.

When I push the display portion of the laptop back, the front of the laptop and the front portion of the stand feet do lift up off my desk a bit, but it still feels very secure.

Note, I normally always hold the front of my laptop down when adjusting the screen, so this was more of a test to see if the laptop would rock back off the stand (it does not do that).

With the laptop on the stand, while I am sitting at my desk, I find that the 15-inch screen of my Macbook Pro sits at a good height, though it is a bit lower than I would consider ideal (for me).

The laptop keyboard has a slight tilt forward and if I were typing on my laptop while on the stand, I would find the angle to be well suited for that purpose; however, there is a bit of bounce when typing on the laptop keyboard while on the stand.

I normally use a Bluetooth keyboard and I suspect many who would purchase this stand would do the same, thus making the slight bounce a non-issue.

Comparing this stand to a competitor’s stand, I can say that the competitor’s stand does feel a bit more solid, which makes sense because it is, in fact, made of a solid piece of shaped (bent?) aluminum.

The downward tilt of the competitor’s stand is at a more extreme angle making it more difficult to type on the laptop keyboard while on the stand (which, again, I don’t normally do); the more extreme angle also allows the laptop screen to sit just a bit higher on the desk, but it doesn’t make much difference.

I like the fact that the SOQOOL stand’s design is open underneath. This allows for better airflow beneath the laptop and it allows me to tuck a few things, such as a spare USB cable and my wireless numeric pad, under the laptop.

I could have paid about twice as much to purchase the same competitor’s stand that my employer provided to me for work, but I see no compelling reason to so. I am very happy with this product and I highly recommend it.” – D. Jones

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5. Pyle Portable Adjustable Laptop Stand – 6.3 to 10.9 Inch Standing Table Monitor or Computer Desk Workstation Riser with Shelf Storage and Height Alignment for DJ, PC, Gaming, Home or Office – PLPTS26

Top-rated: 938 ratings

Credit: Amazon.com

Informative Review: “It took me a while to find this stand, but I am very happy that I did. My home recording studio is small and full of outboard recording hardware. Therefore, space is limited.

Having these two big drum machines laying flat was taking up a lot of valuable real estate. I wasn’t looking for a regular keyboard stand that sits on the floor, I needed a more compact, two-tier stand that would fit on top of my effects cabinet.

This item perfectly matched the idea I had in my head for a table top stand. Needless to say, I was thrilled to find it and made the purchase immediately.

Build quality is very good. It is sturdy and meets my personal standards.

As you can see in the picture I attached, I am the curator of some very old and fragile music equipment, so I wouldn’t chance the possibility of a cheap stand collapsing and causing damage.

Due to the way this stand assembles, it requires that four screws (2 on each side) be be used in order to prevent the top tier from falling forward.

Because of this, the stand didn’t give me quite enough room to comfortably use the drum machine on the bottom tier.

To solve this problem, I just ran to a local hardware store and bought a couple more of the same size screws that arrived with the stand.

This allowed me to lower the middle platform while still keeping the top tier at maximum height.

Very happy with things so far! If you’re a musician, you won’t regret buying this in order to save some room.

Even though I used it for my drum machines, this would easily work to hold up many types of hardware and will save some space.” – T. Frey

Another Helpful Review: “I looked…and looked…and looked for the “right” desktop sized laptop stand and this has FULLY lived up to my expectations by being perfectly compact, having a storage shelf, and being SOLID!(storage shelf is perfect for my Universal Audio Apollo Audio interface if you have one).

Desk is about 50″ long, 35″ deep and it fits my Panorama P4 key board(42″) in front of the Pyle and dual mounted LCD Monitors(first one vertical) set up slightly to the left PERFECTLY!

It was a little tricky to put together by myself based on the instructions, and might be easier with the help of someone else to hold parts while screws are put in, but I’m bad at following instructions haha.

It has just a little wobble to the the sides but is extremely stable and holds my UA Apollo Twin on the bottom and 2012 MacBook pro up top with FULL confidence!

Rubber on the laptop stand grips my laptop well and has the perfect amount of lip to keep it from sliding.

Lastly, the air flow I get for my laptop and audio interface is great given how hot they use to get by just sitting on the tabled.

Simply said, It completed my studio perfectly.” – Ian Marlowe

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6. WorkEZ PROFESSIONAL Ergonomic Aluminum Laptop Cooling Stand Lap Desk Tray for Bed Couch. Foldable adjustable height angle tilt notebook computer riser folding desktop holder portable, Black

Top-rated: 1,455 ratings

WorkEZ PROFESSIONAL Ergonomic Aluminum Laptop Cooling Stand Lap Desk Tray

Credit: Amazon.com

Informative Review: “I bought this to use with my Cubii under-desk elliptical thing. The Cubii has not arrived yet, but I have started using this tray to get used to it.

I am teleworking during the pandemic, and I use my rocking recliner as my office chair and usually just have my keyboard on my lap and my mouse on the arm rest.

That won’t work if my legs are moving, so this tray will provide a stable surface for my keyboard while my legs move.

The tray fits perfectly in my recliner and there is plenty of room for me in between the supporting arms.

I was concerned that maybe it would be too small for me to fit under since I am by no means a small person. but it does work for my size.

I like how this thing can be configured is so many ways, which makes it extremely versatile. I am happy with this purchase and would recommend it.” – VACME

Another Helpful Review: “I personally love it. The joints are a lil stiff so you do have to push a little hard to adjust it at first, but it loosens up with time.

It does require a bit of a learning curve to get used to how to adjust it according to your liking at first. After that, you can adjust each of the joints with ease and comfortably work as you please.

I can use it in a sitting position, laying position (on the bed), or a reclining position on the couch. Adjusting the joints so the laptop can sit in a natural height for me really helped me with my back because I had to slouch a lot prior to getting this.

I guess the only downside would be that it’s big (obviously to accommodate the laptop), so it’s not exactly travel friendly. So I’d say at best this is something to keep around at home and it stays there.” – Amazon Customer

One More Review: “This is a product I have been thinking about…but didn’t know it existed. It is excellent–sturdy, well made, and very smartly engineered.

It was funny, because when I ordered it…it was Christmas time, and there was a back-order.

I can see why…they pay attention to detail, and make sure each unit is designed and manufactured properly (quality workmanship).

Companies that pay attention to “quality control,” and will not be rushed to produce an inferior product…deserve an excellent rating!!

I highly recommend this product; you will NOT be disappointed!

I hope the owners of the Company, and MANY potential Customers see and read this!” – John M Phelps

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