Do College Students Have Summer Break?

Students get breaks and vacations from time to time. They can be given with weather changes, religious seasons, and in between the divided study periods like terms and semesters. These breaks are mostly seasonal and have fixed months to start and are scheduled at the beginning of the study year. But the question is: Do … Read more

Are College Students Considered Unemployed?

Who are the ones considered unemployed? There are different definitions of unemployment. A low unemployment rate should be the highest priority to make lives better in a country. On the other hand, there are considerable economic consequences associated with unemployment as well. High unemployment is a waste of manpower and can be used for better … Read more

Are High School Reunions Still A Thing?

High school reunions are popular as they are organized every 5 or 10 years. This is where people hang out with their colleagues with whom they had one of the unforgettable chapters of their lives. But things are not the same as they were before. High school rituals also change with time. Therefore, are our … Read more

At What Age Do You Start High School?

High school is an important part of a student’s life. In comparison to elementary or middle school, high school offers a more advanced curriculum. What is the ideal age to start high school? You need to know the answers to a few questions, such as when you should start high school. What year do high … Read more

Can You Go to College at Any Age?

A college education is important for numerous factors, including long-term financial benefits, employment security, career satisfaction, and achievement outside of the office. A college degree may be essential to your success in the workforce today because more and more professions need advanced knowledge with higher qualifications. If you are older than 17 years and couldn’t … Read more

Can A Teacher Hit A Student?

Teachers will have to give certain punishments to students in the schools. But, hitting a student may be the last thing to do as a teacher. Can a teacher hit a student? Can a Teacher give physical punishment to a student? Can a student be given a hit with a wooden scale on his hand … Read more

Are Teachers Allowed to Hug Students?

When we are happy, upset, excited, or trying to soothe someone, we hug them. Hugging seems to be a universally accepted gesture. Sometimes teachers get in trouble for hugging their students. Some parents even complain about teachers. Can they do that? Do teachers have the right to give their kids hugs? Why is it not … Read more

Can an Average Student Become A Doctor?

It’s really difficult to get accepted into a medical school. This is a very competitive environment. Although it is difficult, becoming a doctor is a passion and dream for many people. Every country needs doctors. There must be more doctors because diseases are becoming more than ever. A student who is interested in becoming a … Read more