Can an Average Student Become a Lawyer?

Every student has a dream to become successful in their future life. Also, they have to work hard to achieve them in their life. If you’re a student, you may want to know that can you be a lawyer. If you’re an average student, is it possible to be a lawyer? First, you have to know who is a lawyer. What is law? How to become a lawyer? Moreover, can an average student become a lawyer? Which subject is best for a lawyer? How much do you have to study to become a lawyer? And, how many years does it take to become a lawyer? How much does a lawyer earn in a year? What is the shortest degree in law? Which lawyer makes the most money? Where are lawyers most in demand? How much does a lawyer make a year? How long is the law school at Harvard?

Every student has a particular aim to achieve in their life. Becoming a lawyer is quite challenging. However, all students have different goals to succeed in life. Being a lawyer has become highly competitive. A good student can be a lawyer easily because they have a sharp memory to memorize everything. But an average student can also be a good lawyer if he tries. He has to get admitted into a law college for his LLB degree. Any average student can choose to be a lawyer as their profession. They can easily study for this degree by putting hard work and dedication into it. Every student needs to immerse themselves deeply in law to understand it well and improve their study.

In this article, we want to show how an average student becomes a lawyer. Moreover, we will add all kinds of information that can be helpful for a student and their parents. This information will be needed to learn about how to become a lawyer. So if you want to know, read the article.

Can an Average Student Become a Lawyer

Who Is Called a Lawyer? 

A lawyer has a licensed expert who counsels and describes others in legal cases. A person who practices law and advises on legal matters and issues is called a lawyer. The other terms of a lawyer are advocate, solicitor, barrister, canon lawyer, notary, legal executive, counselor, and others. A lawyer can be a young, old, man or woman whoever wants to be a lawyer he/she can be a good lawyer. A lawyer is trained and skilled in recommending people about the law, representing them in court, and noting legal papers. To become a good lawyer, student needs to finish their law study. After that, they must study several cases to gather knowledge about the law. As a student, before you choose your career as a lawyer you need to know in which sector you should be an expert and become a lawyer. There are many kinds of lawyers and their salaries and duties aren’t similar. Almost 1.14M people are involved in the legal sector. The average salary of lawyers varies from $61,496 to $172,244 depending on the field of the lawyer involved.

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Types of Lawyers and Salaries

  1. Criminal lawyer -$96,965 per year
  2. Civil lawyer -$188,138 per year
  3. Corporate lawyer -$121,477 per year
  4. Immigration lawyer – $75,886 per year
  5. Intellectual property paralegal -$93,711 per year
  6. Trademark paralegal -$100,000 per year
  7. Family lawyer -$110,063 per year
  8. Personal injury lawyer -$114,062 per year
  9. Associate general counsel -$117,146 per year
  10. Associate attorney -$127,408 per year
  11. Employment lawyer -$132,974 per year
  12. Public defender -$135,131 per year
  13. Contracts lawyer -$135,161 per year
  14. Litigation paralegal -$71,481 per year
  15. Medical malpractice lawyer salary -$240,500 per year as highest and lowest $31,000 per year
  16. Bankruptcy lawyer -$70,197 per year
  17. Mergers and acquisition lawyer -$130,952 per year
  18. Cyber lawyer -$107,000 per year
  19. Tax lawyer -$121,261 per year
  20. Estate planning lawyer -$72,376 per year

Can an Average Student Become a Lawyer?

If a student wants to become a lawyer as his profession, he should be dedicated to it. Also, they have to have willing to work hard. Hardworking is necessary to become a lawyer rather than a brilliant student. Though you’re an average, it won’t be so easy to get admitted into a law school for an LLB degree but it’s not impossible to do. Some questions may be across in your mind is law an easy course? Is getting a law degree difficult? Is LLB difficult? What education do most lawyers have? How old are most law students? What is the most successful type of lawyer? Which subject is best for a lawyer in high school? 

If you study sincerely and do hard work, it’ll be easy for you to become a good lawyer. Unless you work hard and study, you can’t be a lawyer. Even if you’re a top student, you have to work hard and study to become a good lawyer. If you’re interested in law, you must have to follow your law classes, complete your lectures and study several cases. Becoming a lawyer will be a long and hard journey but if you work hard, you’ll be successful.

You must have some skills and qualities to be a lawyer:


  • Manage time
  • Interpersonal
  • Written communication
  • Skill of organizational
  • Clear communication
  • Dedication to timing
  • Financial skill
  • Legal writing skill
  • Improve conflict method 


  • Analytical skill
  • Research skill
  • Logical thinking
  •  Perseverance 
  • Creativity
  • Communication skill
  • Confident
  • Compassionate
  • Judgment

Which Subject Is Best For a Lawyer?

All kinds of subjects will help a student to complete law study. Some of the most important high school and college subjects for coming lawyers. There are some courses for law students like business education courses, English courses, world language courses, social studies courses, information technology courses, and others. Some high school subjects will helpful for the future:

High School Subjects:

  • English
  • Public Speaking
  • Social Studies 
  • Science
  • Mathematics

There are some major subjects in college for future lawyers:

College Subjects:

  • American History and Government
  • Statistics and data science
  • Communication
  • Close reading and reasoning

Some Steps to Being a Lawyer:

  1. Gain Undergraduate Degree
  2. Pass Law School Admission Test (LSAT)
  3. Complete Law School
  4. Obtain Juris Doctor Law Degree
  5. Pass the Multistate Professional Responsibility Examination (MPRE)
  6. Pass Bar Exam

How Much Do You Have to Study to Become a Lawyer?

It may depend on students and their abilities. Also, how they make efforts to finish the degree. Undergraduate study in law school will take about four years. And in law school, it will take three years. Moreover, the post-graduation will take about to takes seven years. You have to pass the bar exam, if you can’t pass on the first exam, it will take more time to finish your law study. Many students are willing to take the LSAT(Law School Admission Test) twice to increase their marks, so it will take more time to finish law study. Students must pass the state’s bar exam and gain licensure before rehearsing law. You may want to know that do you need a Master of Law. 

Do I Need a Master of Law?

The job market become so competitive. So it is difficult to find a strong and good position in any kind of field you want. So, more degrees and experience can help a person to get a good job with a better position. A master’s degree can be a key to unlocking your obstacles and finding a good position for you. You can start working as a specialist and earn a good amount. The Master of Law that known as LLM. This degree can give you opportunities for your future and chances to fulfilling career. Moreover, LLM will increase both your job position and salary. But if you pick the field of tax and healthcare, then you will get a good position in this critical job market. 

How Many Years Does It Take to Become a Lawyer UK?

If any students study full-time, the student can complete the law degree within three years in the UK. Moreover, the degree of law provides two years revved Law LLB for dedicated students who give extra time to finish their studies. But it normally takes six years to complete a law degree and become a good lawyer in the UK. But if a student wants to complete BA undergraduate degree course, then it will take seven years because the student has to end the GDL conversion route. 

What Is The Shortest Law Degree?

The Master of Legal Studies is known as the shortest law degree that you can easily earn. In the Master of Legal Studies, some programs may allow a student to graduate within twelve months. Before you take a Master’s program, there are some requirements that a student has to take the Graduate Record Examination(GRE). Furthermore, a paralegal will be another shortest degree option for students. The Paralegal degree takes one or two years to earn the law degree. 

Some techniques to earn a law degree as fast:

  1. Immerse yourself in the study
  2. Locate an accelerated program
  3. Graduate and take the bar exam earlier
  4. Attend a joint undergraduate and Juris Doctor program
  5. Obtain an internship in a law office.


Choosing a career is so difficult. Becoming a lawyer is one of the most suitable careers that a student can choose for their future betterment. As an average or top student, both have to improve their study and gather knowledge. Whether an average student needs to work hard to succeed. If you wish to become a lawyer, you may need to know many things to be admitted into a law school and also need to be a lawyer. In our article, we try to add a lot of information that probably will be a great help for you and your parents. We hope that this topic will help you to learn about Can an Average Student Become a Lawyer or not.

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